Design Methods used in Sustainable design


Ethnographic Interview

Ethnographic Interviewing aims to understand what people’s activities and experiences are by gaining knowledge through stories told in the persons own words, as well as giving their own perspective in the location where...

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29 Sustainable Design

Product Lifecycle

Product lifecycle analysis describes the evolution of a product measured across all phases of its life. Issues considered include; manufacturing, usage, delivery, maintenance, recycling and the possibility of remanufacturing. Using a lifecycle perspective...

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Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment [LCA] is a method that evaluates a product or service’s prospective impact on the environment. This is undertaken by assessing each stage of a products life, from extraction and treatment...

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Competitive performance

Material Testing

Material testing involves application trials, defect detection and evaluation in order to determine the suitability of a material for it’s designed use. Analysis allows the designer to verify material characteristics; including tensile strength,...

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Ethnography finds its origins in Anthropology, the study of human behaviour, and is used in design as a way of understanding how people experience objects. Culture is so deeply ingrained in the psyche...

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Design for Longevity

The process of designing for longevity in product systems is achieved by having optimum use, maintenance, repair and upgrades developed for a product. Increasing a products durability and value through the implementation of...

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18 MFA example

Material Flow Analysis

Material flow analysis (MFA) is a systematic valuation of the flow and stock of materials within a system, defined in both space and time. Aimed at controlling pathways for materials use and industrial...

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What is it? Type short general description of the method. What is it useful for? Type short description of what design domains / problems the method is particularly applicable to. Useful links Add...

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