Design Methods used in Design for interactivity

32 Social Design

Picture Cards

Picture Cards can be used as an effective aid during interviews. The images and or captions on the cards usually relate to general life scenarios or task specific scenes. In a picture card...

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Organizational Mapping

Corporate or organisation mapping is a method used to ascertain the big picture purpose of a company. This is usually done after other research has been conducted, such as surveys and interviews. It...

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Experience Prototyping

Experience prototyping is a way to gain first hand experience in situations. The aim of implementing it is to discover potential problems of a product or service’s user experience. It can be carried...

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Scenario Building

The scenario building method refers to user-product interaction, in either natural, constructed or imagined contexts. It is used to evaluate how a system functions, as well as test theories, and also enables attributes...

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What is it? Type short general description of the method. What is it useful for? Type short description of what design domains / problems the method is particularly applicable to. Useful links Add...

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Co-reflection is a relatively new methodology that involves users or stakeholders in the design process or in evaluation of design concepts by taking them through a “mini design process”. It proposes a simple...

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