Un-focus Groups

An un-focus group, consists of a project based workshop, involving a diverse group of participants from related fields, who are not the main consumers but rather offer extreme views that are used to brainstorm a wider range of concepts. Combining different people’s knowledge can contribute exciting, creative, and diverse ideas by encourage new and open thinking.

Contributor: Lizzie Bott, 2013

An un-focus group was conducted with a range of participants including a foot-fetishist, artist, body-builder, podiatrist, dominatrix and others to brainstorm, to explore and make concept designs for a range of sandals.

Citation Reference: http://www.designthinkingblog.com/http:/www.designthinkingblog.com/tom-kelley-on-ideo-and-effective-innovation/#more-798

Contributor: Lizzie Bott, 2013