Actor Network Theory

Actor Network Theory establishes how things, objects and actors come to be how they are. ‘Actors’ can be human or non-human, material or immaterial. They are defined by their interaction with each other....

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Organizational Mapping

Corporate or organisation mapping is a method used to ascertain the big picture purpose of a company. This is usually done after other research has been conducted, such as surveys and interviews. It...

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29 Sustainable Design

Product Lifecycle

Product lifecycle analysis describes the evolution of a product measured across all phases of its life. Issues considered include; manufacturing, usage, delivery, maintenance, recycling and the possibility of remanufacturing. Using a lifecycle perspective...

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Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment [LCA] is a method that evaluates a product or service’s prospective impact on the environment. This is undertaken by assessing each stage of a products life, from extraction and treatment...

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Journey Maping

Journey Maps

A Journey Map, “provides a vivid but structured visualisation of a user’s experience through the journey to the touch points where the users interact with different services”. It can highlight, “factors influencing user...

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Design for Longevity

The process of designing for longevity in product systems is achieved by having optimum use, maintenance, repair and upgrades developed for a product. Increasing a products durability and value through the implementation of...

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18 MFA example

Material Flow Analysis

Material flow analysis (MFA) is a systematic valuation of the flow and stock of materials within a system, defined in both space and time. Aimed at controlling pathways for materials use and industrial...

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10 Research Planning Survey2

Research Planning Survey

A research planning survey is a short, quick and loosely constructed set of questions that is used in the early phases of a research project. When surveys are targeted towards the correct audience...

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Service Design

What is it? Type short general description of the method. What is it useful for? Type short description of what design domains / problems the method is particularly applicable to. Useful links Add...

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